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How to Get Freelancing Jobs?

  Sep 21, 2017     Post Author

These days, you will find every other person looking for a freelancing job. The reason is that nowadays, it has been become difficult for everyone to meet living expenses within limited available budgets because of the high inflation rate and low monthly cash inflow. Thus, the best approach to increase monthly cash inflow is to do freelancing jobs. Besides this, there are countless advantages, whi View More

Best Entrepreneurship Ideas

  Sep 21, 2017     Post Author

It is a fact that good ideas are worth chasing especially when you want to make some money from a business venture, and this is what every entrepreneur knows. Thus, they prefer to think of an idea for starting a business, which is unique and capable of making money at a faster pace. Keep in mind that any good or bad idea to start a business may look alike but both will have different results in th View More

5 Home Business Tips That Make Or Break You

  Sep 21, 2017     Post Author

Statistically speaking, roughly 50% of home businesses will fail within the first year.  Now, I don’t know about you, but that isn’t very motivating for me.  Why start a home business if it isn’t going to make it past the first year, right? When I started my first home business, or at least what I thought was my first home business, I didn’t make it more than a co View More

Can Finance Managers Count CSR?

  Sep 21, 2017     Post Author

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a major practice in the many businesses around the world. However, in terms of its approach to finance, it is a truly sad story that most finance managers have a perception CSR as simply a cost center. Meaning, the calculator of its CSR program rather than also become a contributor. Most CFO’s don’t have a CSR mindset. So what is exactly the d View More

The Challenges of Apple’s iPad

  Sep 21, 2017     Post Author

In general, tough convincing might be needed for consumers that they need an iPad. With the introduction of the new gadget, that is like a tablet-computer smartphone packed-in-one, it immediately appeared in the front pages of newspapers in at least 47 states in the United States. It also appeared in front pages of no fewer than 24 other countries such as Uruguay, Turkey, Bulgaria and Portugal. Bu View More

Best Investment Tips

  Sep 21, 2017     Post Author

In the current financial crunch, it has become important to have some other means of financial support in times of severe need. An investment is one of the best sources and means that are bound to pay you back; especially when you need them most. But, there are some facts and features that should be kept in mind when doing any sort of investment. This article will deliver some top investment tips  View More

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